Top 3 best blossom spots in Hokkaido

Try Not To Pass Up A Major Opportunity! Top 3 Best Blossom Spots In Hokkaido

Hi Minna San! The special seasons have shown up NIH. Will you invest some energy throughout this mid year occasion? In summer, a get-away to Hokkaido is the best decision. The majority of you should expect that the ideal time to visit Hokkaido is in winter. Obviously this supposition that isn’t 100% valid!

On the off chance that winter is well known for the greatest ice celebrations in Japan, at that point summer is the period of excellent blossoms sprouting! There are heaps of places of interest that you can visit throughout the mid year in Hokkaido. This time, we will talk about the 3 best places to see the excellent bloom overlays in Hokkaido!

1. Shikisai No Oka

Top 3 best blossom spots in Hokkaido
Top 3 best blossom spots in Hokkaido

It is a display of a blossom garden that is around 7 hectares wide and has 30 sorts of blooms, for example, lavender, Cosmos and others. The nursery is situated in Biei and is open throughout the entire year. Notwithstanding, you can visit from around the finish of April to October to see the span of different blossoms. Here you can discover occasional blossoms, for example, tulips in May, lavender in July, and sunflowers in August.


– About 25 minutes stroll from Bibaushi station (美 馬 牛 駅) of JR Furano train line.

– About 12 minutes by taxi from Biei station (美瑛 駅) to JR Furano train line.

2. Ranch Tomita – Lavender

Top 3 best blossom spots in Hokkaido
Top 3 best blossom spots in Hokkaido

One of the most notable spots to chase lavender blossoms in Hokkaido is the Tomita Farm. This nursery is found not a long way from Hokkaido’s Furano city. Consistently, a great many travelers visit this nursery to appreciate the excellence of lavender blossoms. Notwithstanding lavender blossoms, in this nursery there are likewise different blooms that are not less acceptable. Look at this fun article to investigate the Lavender scope at the Tomita Farm in Hokkaido for more insights concerning the Farm Tomita ya.

Beginning in mid-May this (May 23rd, 2019) Lavender and different blossoms are somewhat sprouting. In this way there is a likelihood for the best time of survey lavender in June – July.

3. Hokuryuu Sunflower Village

Top 3 best blossom spots in Hokkaido
Top 3 best blossom spots in Hokkaido

The mid year image in Hokkaido other than lavender is sunflower. In Hokkaido, there is the biggest sunflower garden Hokuryuu Sunflower! It is a sunflower garden found 100 Km north of Sapporo. The bloom garden is 23 hectares and congested by 1.5 million of exceptionally delightful sunflowers. Goodness Yes, from 14 July to 19 August will be held Sunflower Festival Hokuryuu 2019. As of now, the sunflower is by and large very cantik-cantiknya. Not to be missed!

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