How to Get the Best Thai VietJet Air Experience

Have you been wondering how to get the best Thai VietJet Air experience – after all those less-starry reviews? You’re not the only one. Known as one of the best LCC in its origin country (Vietnam, as you’ve probably anticipated), VietJet Air has spread its wings to neighbor country, Thailand. In this country renowned as The Land of Smile, the airline operates under a slightly-improved name ‘Thai VietJet Air’ and has been flying since 2014.

However, despite being rewarded as earlier stated, people’s reviews aren’t that parallel to it – even it can be considered as 180o flipped. From costly baggage cost to facepalming representatives, Thai VietJet Air has those kinds of history that may take people away from flying with it. Knowing that, you may even start to wonder, is it impossible to get a good Thai VietJet Air experience?

How to Dig (Only) the Best Experience while Flying with Thai VietJet Air

We all want only the best for ourselves; and that counts as well in terms of choosing an airline to fly with. Dodging an airline with bad passengers’ experience seems like a quintessential thing to do. But who knows that we finally have to take it eventually?

Therefore, you may take Thai VietJet Air as the last option for your upcoming travel. You may have known that many of this airline’s reviews are disappointing. But if you eventually ought to take it, let’s just take the silver line: you should not put your expectation high from the airline. To get best Thai VietJet Air experience, it’d be better to start with yourself. Here’s how.

  1. Learn as much from other people’s experience

If it’s your first time flying with this airline, then take other people’s experience like a precaution – especially since the airline is frowned by many. Therefore, you got to work yourself to prepare for the worst that may happen. As long as the wings float the aircraft, various problems can come true. Your job is to make yourself ready, and it’s the first mindset you need to work on.


  1. Booking your flight: the earlier, the better

Just like the saying ‘early bird gets the worm’, booking your flight early may result you good. Not only you may get cheaper price, but it may also give you time to research what to prepare with ‘unexpected hassle’ that may come up from the chosen LCC.


Booking earlier may give you lots of time to research what is unavailable in-flight. That way, you don’t have to dwell over some aspects’ absence from the flight. For example, since Thai VietJet Air tends to fly within the country, it makes the flights free from snacks. Seating, which is as cozy as in planes to fly long-flight may not be available as well.


  1. Prep more cash

Given that people often talk about ludicrous baggage cost as part of their Thai VietJet Air experience, consider preparing more cash when deciding to fly with this airline. This can be done especially if you’re planning to bring lots of stuff while flying.

After all, having some ready cash on-hand doesn’t only benefit you to cover baggage cost. Who knows there’ll be some unexpected charges?


  1. Bring less luggage

Less luggage means less burden, and we hope you agree with it. Probably you have already known that the airline may charge you high luggage cost (which is found as scam by many flyers). Therefore, bringing less luggage means cutting off that cost.

Well, you can still bring your carry-on luggage. Remind you, there’s this specific regulation about carry-on luggage maximum weight that you have to obey.

  1. If any, arrange a ‘cheat’ method

This may be quite irrelevant to enjoying Thai VietJet Air flight on-board. But since the airline has some histories with delayed flights, making your plan B by knowing any other methods to reach the destination will be a good idea. Not only you can save yourself from schedule uncertainties – which many LCCs still try to get rid – making your plan B means you’re trying to pursue the best for your travel experience, even if it risks losing some money.


  1. Food, napping needs, drinks – bring it on!

Well, if you’ve finally got the chance to fly and have some Thai VietJet Air experience, you need to remember that LCCs usually don’t come with free snacking or cozy pillow and blankie. That said, your comfort is on your own hands. As long as you don’t exceed the carry-on max weight provision, bring in that chips and fries, baby!


  1. Be nice and be nice!

To ensure you best Thai VietJet Air experience, it starts from a happy passenger and a happy staff. That said, saying ‘thank you’, ‘please’, and striking a smile will help to build such experience. After all, a ‘please’ won’t cost you any, a ‘thank you’ will boost morale, a smile may brighten someone’s day.

So, those are seven points that may help you to get only the best Thai VietJet Air experience. Most of them may require long preparation to make, so it’d be great if you learn the aforementioned tricks to make your flight with Thai VietJet Air becomes a pleasant one.